Travelling under the sign of environmental respect

Eco‐sustainable tourism is growing fast and more and more tourist facilities (around 6,000 worldwide) are taking action to achieve this physiognomy, given the constant growth in demand.

Green tourist facilities are those that use energy and environmental resources responsibly, including the use of organic products, recycled materials and water recovery, saving a lot of money.

Green facilities actively promote their territory and its natural and cultural heritage, with menus that enhance the typical local gastronomy without GMOs, and suggest itineraries in close contact with the surrounding landscape.

According to a research, 62% of travellers expressed their wish to stay in eco‐sustainable hotels and 50% has considered visiting a specific destination exclusively for its environmental sustainability.

If you don’t belong to the sustainable travellers group yet, why don’t you start from your next trip, by staying in an eco‐friendly hotel and enjoying delicious natural local products?

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  1. Susmita Khan
    Apr, 19, 2018

    It’s also important to respect the signs of the environment during traveling. Thanks for sharing information about this.

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