Healthcare waste helps the environment

The disposal of medical waste that may be infectious is a big problem. After the creation of the so‐called “Smart Cities”, which use technology to reduce environmental impact, the notion of “Smart Hospital” is now arising, with the aim of cleansing toxic waste intelligently.

It was the Ospedale San Luigi Gonzaga in Orbassano, in the province of Turin, Italy, to try and come up with a solution, by producing a process that makes it possible to generate non‐fossil fuel that can be used as energy in industrial systems.

The activities that may benefit most from it are: cement factories, metallurgical companies and district energy systems (transfer of heat produced by central plants).

Director General of Azienda Sanitaria Ospedaliera San Luigi Gonzaga Remo Urani said: “We believe that this experience can be an important event, as it is something that really meets the need to keep up with an evolving world, searching for better and more cost‐effective solutions to reach lower production, danger and environmental impacts required by EU and national legislation”.

In addition to other benefits, this process is guaranteed to save more money in the disposal of medical waste than traditional incinerators (an apparatus for the disposal of municipal solid waste), with a percentage ranging from 15 to 30%.

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