Indoor gardening 4.0

Have you ever wanted to grow your own flowers, vegetables and aromatic herbs, but never did because didn’t know where to start or had no time? There’s a solution now and it is called Click & Grow.

No special skills are required and you won’t have to worry about anything. This amazing pot uses artificial intelligence to grow herbs.

Click & Grow is an electronic SmartPot, i.e. an innovative pot that helps grow herbs without you doing anything. It’s your pot now to deal with watering and fertilizing.

SmartPot is equipped with electronic sensors, batteries, a pump, a water reservoir and a plant cartridge full of seeds, nutrients and a special software that helps grow and maintain herbs.

Should you need to change crops, you won’t have to buy another SmartPot. All you will have to do is simply replace the software and the seeds in the cartridge on the SmartPot you already have.

The only thing you will have to do is to fill the water tank and, from time to time, check that the batteries are charged. Then, you can just enjoy your plants growing and flourishing.

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