Doors that shine in their own light

Innovations related to renewable energy sources are more and more frequent. The credit for a great contribution goes to the Italian company Tondin, which in 2013 at SpazioCasa fair in Verona presented the first prototype of Porta di Luce (Light Door), an interior solar door.

Made of fine wood with hand‐carved decorations, it looks like all the other doors. Its peculiarity is its glass containing 12 dye‐sensitized solar cells, which power energy‐efficient LED strip lights that create a soft effect around the perimeter of the door and in the centre, between its openings.

The energy captured by the door can be used for night lightening or to power other devices. These solar cells can illuminate the house even without a direct solar source, by using the technology of third generation photovoltaic cells.

Beside all these benefits, the Light Door is also aesthetically pleasing and can be customized by choosing from different colours and different levels of glass transparency.

The Light Door is definitely a great deal, since, in addition to making the entrance of your home more pleasant and welcoming, it contributes to improving both illumination and energy saving.

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