10 good reasons to buy packaging free

Buying packaging free or not? In this article we’ll give you ten good reasons to start saying yes to buying packaging free at the many retail outlets throughout Italy, including islands.

  1. Say yes to sustainability
    Products sold in this type of shops are sustainable, both in terms of content and absence of packaging.
  2. Say yes to healthy food
    Most of bulk products have biological origins, which means that pesticides were not used when they were cultivated. These are healthy and sustainable products, even from the production point of view.
  3. Say no to packaging
    By buying packaging free, the production of unnecessary and expensive packaging can be significantly reduced. With this reduction you can save money and reduce polluting emissions for packaging disposal.
  4. Say yes to saving money
    Packaging free products are cheaper as they don’t have packaging, which usually affect sales price by about 10%. Both families and manufacturing companies can save a significant amount of money.
  5. Say yes to local products
    Buying packaging free will improve local producers’ profits. Go to an independent farmer you trust with your own fruit boxes, cardboard boxes and cloth bags. In this way, you will contribute to reduce waste and generate income for the local economy.
  6. Say yes to reducing waste
    Detergent and food packaging make up most of our waste, and, in addition, not all of it can be recycled. It is better to buy packaging free products and raw materials to use at home.
  7. Say no to CO2 emissions
    Buying draught drinks and packaging free products makes it possible to reduce environmental impact and CO2 emissions, because of the absence of packaging.
  8. Say no to waste
    You can buy the exact amount of what you need and pay it by weight, without spending a cent more.
  9. Say yes to comfort and more space
    No more clutter in your home and storehouse.
  10. Say yes to ecology
    By purchasing packaging free products, ingredients are mostly of natural origin, not petrochemical, hence more environment­friendly.

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