Veranu is a project that since 2012, has been working towards the creation of a new product that generates alternative energy, and has since become a reality.

Our idea aims to create an innovative technology that can be installed in any kind of floor, with the ability to generate clean electricity by simply walking on the smart tiles. The smart tiles are constructed with market available plastic materials available and are completely recyclable.

Our smart floor was conceived through innovative thinking through the perception of not seeing it as a passive object, but an active instrument capable of generate green energy. The materials used for its construction include polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the most common plastic material, particularly known for its use in bottling beverages.

Our Team

Alessio Calcagni
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
MSc Electrical Engineering, University of Cagliari
Simone Mastrogiacomo
COO - Chief Operating Officer
MSc Electrical Engineering, University of Cagliari
Giorgio Leoni
CTO - Chief Technical Officer
BSc Electrical Engineering, University of Cagliari
Nicola Mereu
Equipment Manager
MSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Cagliari
Giovanni Sanna
CFO - Chief Financial Officer
MSc Managerial Economics, University of Cagliari. Masters in Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation, University of California, Los Angeles
Damiano Congedo
CCO - Chief Communications Officer
MSc in Communications, Instructor of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at University of Cagliari with 10 years of web marketing and startup experience.