Smog‐eating roof tiles

Smog is an issue that has been widely discussed worldwide. Before the invention that we are going to present, industries used to close for some days to allow the air to clear up until the air pollution would have met the level allowed by law. From time to time, they do it even today.

Exposure to smog can lead to health problems. This form of pollution can also lead to the formation of acid rains that may infect farmland and groundwater.

A company called BoralPure has come up with a solution and it is called “Smog‐Eating Tile”. Smog‐eating tiles are made of water and sand, which make them recyclable, and their operation is made possible by a titanium dioxide cover in the surface layer.

These special tiles accelerate the oxidation of pollutants and transform them into non‐toxic inorganic salts, which are then eliminated by rain. Smog‐eating tiles were subjected to testing, showing a reduction of 90% in the concentration of pollutants.

Other useful features of this type of tiles are the resistance to atmospheric agents like hail, and thermal insulation, which contributes to keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer, thus improving energy efficiency.

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