Wine to be worn

There is a type of fabric that may replace synthetic skins produced with non­renewable polluting sources, such as petroleum, which cause problems to the environment during both manufacturing and disposal.

This fabric is called Wineleather and is a skin made from wine, which, unlike “vegan” fabrics, is not treated with chemicals and preserves its naturalness thanks to a special treatment of the fibers and oils contained in wine.

Fashion giant H&M has certified Wineleather’s quality with its international award dedicated to circular economy and fashion business innovation: the Global Change Award.

This award is given to innovators and improvers in the fashion industry every year and is regarded as the most important worldwide as it identifies and gives credibility to important international potentials.

The creator who designed Wineleather is Gianpiero Tessitore, who aims at transforming vegetable fibers and oils into ecological materials with the same mechanical, aesthetic and sensorial features of any animal or synthetic skin.

The result is even better. Skin made from wine has a high quality, low production costs and fits perfectly.

Fabrics that arise from nature respect it even when they change their original state. Fashion renews year after year, and we can’t wait to wear Wineleather while sipping a glass of wine.

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