Sustainability puts wings on

Wright One is the name of the 150­seat airplane that generates its own energy. Designed by a startup based in Massachusetts, the airplane is assumed to be able to fly distances of up to 500 kilometers.

Although 500 kilometers may seem not much, a commercial passenger plane able to cover this distance could actually carry passengers from London to Paris, from New York to Boston, from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo and from Tokyo to Osaka.

With an airplane powered by batteries there would be many benefits, not only to the environment, with a 80% reduction of CO2 emissions, but also to passengers, who could save a lot of money when buying tickets.

The only sore point is the duration of its power supplies. In order to be able to take off, Wright One needs batteries with an energy capacity of 12,000 kilowatts. 7,500 kilowatts are required just for
powering its engine. At the present time, there are no batteries with such capacity to guarantee the power required.

EasyJet has already set its sights on this new technology, offering support on both logistics and design. Who knows, maybe EasyJet will also encourage other airlines to dream of lower prices and cleaner skies with environment­friendly airplanes.

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