Internet becomes environment-friendly

Investing in the green sector is a very good idea, especially if you run a leading Hi-Tech industry company. A report released by Greenpeace, called Clicking Clean: A Guide to Building the Green Internet, reveals that Facebook, Google, Apple and Switch are committed to protecting the environment.

Facebook, for instance, announced that it was building a new wind-powered data center already in 2015.

Google aims to use 100% renewable energy to power its servers, with wind turbines and photovoltaic panels. Apple’s data centers and its facilities around the world are (almost) fully powered by renewable energy, generated from solar, wind and hydropower.

To be monitored by Greenpeace is Amazon, because of its lack of transparency following the promises previously made about an increased use of clean energy.

Things would change if the company, which now has 23% of energy generated by renewable sources, declared how it would reach 100% and commit to pursuing this goal.

Given the current situation, Greenpeace Italia, which had started a collaboration with Amazon Web Services precisely because of the promises made, is now considering re-evaluating the agreements.

Along with Amazon, other web giants like Netflix and Pinterest should start using renewable energy sources too, to ensure to its users a cleaner world.

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