CityTree, a barrier to pollution

After all the instruments aiming at protecting the environment from pollution we already know, there is a new innovative idea. Called CityTree, it is a 4 m high and 3 m wide plant wall, manufactured in Germany in 2017, distinguishing feature… it absorbs urban pollution.

The idea behind this creation belongs to Green City Solutions, which has also made the unit autonomous. It actually self-generates with solar energy, collects rainwater, filters it and uses it for plants. Furthermore, it is equipped with Wi-Fi sensors to measure the air quality.

It can be moved from one place to another, fits perfectly in the urban environment and cleans the air as 275 trees would. For this reason, CityFree is the piece of urban furniture every city wants, and some have already installed it, such as Oslo, Paris, Brussels and Hong Kong.

According to its creators, CityFree can filter 240 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which corresponds to the pollutant emissions produced by 417 cars. Considering its important role, CityFree costs around $ 25,000.

This is a lot of money, but worth investing to improve the air quality effectively.

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