The newspaper that flourishes

Even if we live in an era in which digital is the owner, there is someone who is still attached to the dear paper. Who recognises himself in this type of people perhaps is going to receive a fantastic news.

Imagine to read a newspaper. You have read it all, consumed in a very short time and now? Where does it go? Certainly not in the paper bin, but outside in the garden in the midst of the plants.

Directly from Japan a newspaper totally green comes frome that you can buy, read, planting and, surprise, it flourishes from the ground.

The Mainichi is the official name of the head that has produced about 5 million copies asserting itself as the first newspaper green in the world.

All its pages are made entirely of recycled raw materials following this precise process: the wastes are dissolved in the water and transformed into pulp; immediately after they are covered with seeds that, pressed and made compact, constitute the sheets of paper.

Also the ink is produced using substances entirely vegetables.

In this way each copy can complete a cycle and, exhausted its informational, to revert to be a plant, helping to increase the percentage of green inside the houses and in the cities.

From a Country in which the love for the flowers isn’t lacking, we couldn’t expect differently and we thank them for this brilliant idea.

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