The printer of dreams

Until a few years ago some of you probably watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition and from your sofa, beautiful comfortable, shouted: “Move that bus!” together with the crowd curious to see a beautiful house built in just 7 days.

Perhaps you don’t know it, but now the building has been renovated still more and if already seemed strange to think that it could build a house in a very short time, you know that now it’s equally possible to build a house with a printer.

This has been possible thanks to the ukraine startup Passivdom and to his robot capable of realizing a house (with a simple structure) in only 8 hours; moreover, the entire structure respects the environment thanks to its energy independence: clean solar energy, water purification, quality control of air and oxygen.

The printer, for a house of about 35 sqm, is able to produce walls, roofs and floors and the human intervention is necessary only for the assembly of frames, pipes and electrical systems; the furniture is instead available only for premium versions.

The materials used are: carbon fibers, polyurethane resins, fibers of basalt and glass fibers and to buy the house you can place an order online because it’s produced in the ukrainians or american laboratories.

When the installation is finished, the house is ready to be moved and, after it has been connected to a water mains electrical or to reload a big battery and store the humidity present in the air, the house is completely autonomous.

The objective of Passivdom, paraphrasing a declaration of designer Maria Sorokina, is therefore to have the chance to live far away from civilization, in the woods, on the coast, far away from everything and everyone, but without giving up to the comforts of a normal house.

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