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My friend wood

The prefabricated houses in wood are, without doubt, environment friendly beacause they are green. Their environmental impact not only is practically zero, but allows to have a considerable energy saving thanks to the techniques of advanced construction.

With a conscious, responsible and sustainable use of forests by some operators, who opts for the purchase of a wooden structure can sleep soundly for the certifications of materials that attest the respect of the environment.

If in this moment you are thinking that cut down trees to build a house is disrespectful toward nature, there is a list of seven valid motives that will convince you of the contrary.

  1. It saves energy. Enclosing therein all the energy stored in the course of its life that will be then used during assembly (with respect to the aluminum for which they are employed 800 kWh, with wood using from 8 to 30 kWh);
  2. It retains the heat from the inside and from the outside. A wall in wood of 10 cm, to ensure adequate thermal insulation, should have a thickness of 54 cm, while one in concrete should be 80 cm thick.
  3. Promotes health. Its walls stabilize the sudden temperature changes while holding the air that is consumed and harmful, releasing into the environment air regenerated.
  4. Stable. Having regard to its elasticity and resistance the wood constructions are more secure than the traditional ones in the case of an earthquake.
  5. Fire-resistant. When it is attacked by fire, prevents it to progress for its outer layer.
  6. Ecological. It was born and grows in nature, ensuring a quality of natural life that doesn’t require chemical treatments for its maintenance.
  7. Harmonious. In its interior it perceives the sensation of being immersed in the nature. The wood creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Seven reasons that don’t you feel guilty for having purchased a wooden structure. Do you think?

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