The impact of cinema in the environment

From 1895 we have to do with the cinema, the fantastic world of animated images capable of making us excite and let us explore and to see an infinity of possible universes.

Everything is born with the Lumière brothers that at the Grand Cafè Boulevard des Capucines in Paris showed for the first time an apparatus from their patented, called Cinématographe.

The invention of the french brothers was able to project on a white screen a sequence of images that were previously impressed on a printed film with a photographic process, in such a way as to be able to create the effect of the movement.

But already in 1889 Thomas Edison realized a camera and a machine for vision, but to the Lumière is mainly due the invention of film capable of exhibiting a wide audience images captured.

From their film, after various periods, we have then arrived to our days in which digital is the owner, but from the production to the projection in the cinemas what is the impact of the spinneret of cinema in Italy on the environment?

For the analysis carried out by Enea and Green Cross Italy it seems that in the movie sets it could be considerably lower emissions of CO2, until to 1,120 tonnes, thanks to the small measures and to do this it has been started the project Cinema in Class A.

On the basis of the study carried out, everything should be based on the average time necessary for the realization of a film (about two months of filming): starting from this you can think of to carry out an analysis to identify the changes needed to make the system less striking.

These include the use of LED technology for lighting (that saves up to 50-60%); the installation of systems for the monitoring of air conditioning (it would lead to an annual saving of 15-20% of consumption); the replacement of obsolete equipment with more efficient technologies that have COP and EER superiors; lastly we find the education and training of both workers, journalists and opinion makers, both for students, families and spectators.

Little things that might make it more pleasant the cinema and the vision of the film even to the environment that surrounds us.

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