Energy Efficient Windows for a Hot Summer

Summer is here and even more so is the need for renewable energy this summer season.

We won’t be discussing the usual solar panel that is typically installed on the roof of your home (which is still useful and sustainable). Instead, we would like to discuss how Pillars of Innovation led us to develop a new, innovative way to generate electricity via solar power: photovoltaic (PV) windows.

Aesthetically pleasing and effective, PV windows are capable of absorbing solar power to generated electricity to meet the energy needs of an entire home.

You might be asking yourself, “But if this like any other window, how does it absorb solar power and generate solar energy?”. The answer lies in the fact that photovoltaic windows are coated with a special transparent gel containing amorphous silicon. Depending on where the gel is applied, you will have two different levels of energy generated. Direct application on the surface will produce up to 100 watts per square meter, while applying the gel in the cases around the window generates up to 300 watts per square meter.

There are two different types of windows that can be installed:

  • Transparent Photovoltaic Windows. Results in the high production of electricity and heat through the absorption of infrared rays;
  • Photovoltaic Semi-Transparent Windows. Enables electricity generation via the passage of sunlight and heat.

What else can we expect this Summer season to protect the environment?

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