The more foot traffic, the more electricity generated!

Eco friendly
Walking on Veranu’s smart floors converts each step from foot traffic into clean and green electricity.
Veranu integrates easily on all existing floors without removing or replacing the tiles.
Thanks to its modular structure, Veranu is easy to install and maintain.
Data Collection
Smart Tracking

About us

Veranu is an innovative technology implemented in the raised floor with high added value that converts, by piezoelectric effect, the kinetic energy of the steps into clean electrical energy. Veranu solution is used to supply LED lights and detect pedestrians positions and movements, information very useful for security, consumer tracking and data collection applications. The technology is made with recycled materials to reduce CO2 emissions, production costs and meet the needs of end customers, mainly public and private companies with transit areas or aggregation areas (squares, airports, train stations).

Our Philosophy

We encourage approaching the solutions to issues surrounding green energy with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions and developing smart products.

We want to help create sustainable energy lifestyles, starting with the daily life of each of us.

We tackle energy problems with innovative solutions by integrating technology with the environment to provide the best green energy solutions available.

We aim for low environmental impact at every stage of the development of our technology, from the selection of our materials to the individual features of our products.

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